Neuenhauser was established in 1955 as a design and manufacturing company, specialized in the area of automatic transport systems in the textile industry and also in different economical branches.

Today Neuenhauser is compound of companies, in which each company is specialized in a defined special mechanical engineering and automation area. Thus we have a complete control about the design and manufacturing process while our customers will benefit to get a fully integrated System out of one source only.

Our machines and systems pass through a very sophisticated procedure, which compounds the manufacturing of prototypes, simulation and workshop tests. Of course we use CAD workplaces for the project and design development. To Neuenhauser service belongs a very good documentation, the practical education and training of customers personal.

The activities of the main company will be supported by a good organized world wide spread compound of Neuenhauser daughter companies and agencies.

Neuenhauser is working continuously in new or advanced development of new products and automated handling systems to satisfy the current and future needs of our worldwide customers.

Due to the manufacturing of machines and systems in highest quality and the fair partnership to our customers, Neuenhauser enjoys an outstanding reputation world-wide.

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